1 Professional automatic polishing equipment
Different from ordinary automatic polishing and manual polishing, our drawing surface texture more warping stereo, polishing surface maximum reach 8K mirror effect and stability of brushed and polished surface quality is greatly improved by the optimization of automatic polishing equipment designed by our Technicians.

2 Imported automatic welding equipment
Our imported automatic welding machine can not only improve the flatness and beauty of the welding seam, but also increase the firm degree of the weld.

3 Elbow equipment
The bending machine equipped with multiple sets of corresponding mold, ensure the smooth pipe bend degree, smoothness and beauty.
4 Test equipment
We have professional tensile testing equipment, according to different tensile testing standards for quality testing to ensure the quality of our products.
5 Quality inspection system
We have comprehensive product quality inspection system, each batch of products will be examined carefully and strictly, in order to ensure the quality of all our products.

6. Detailed Packing

Our products are packed in detail, to ensure that the products can be delivered to customers in perfect condition.